pool leak

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service

Swimming pools can leak from numerous areas inside the pool and out. The most common area is in the plumbing underground. But could be from a crack in the pool, a


pool plaster

Durable and Attractive Pool Plaster

Our Pool Plastering Company has plastered hundreds of pools around the Harris and Montgomery County area. Because of our hassle-free service, it is no wonder why


Pool Equipment Repairs

Quick and Affordable Pool Equipment Repair

Pool Equipment Repair
can sometimes be pretty confusing. Knowing what's wrong and how to fix it can sometimes be a daunting task. That's why our "Pool


pool remodeling

Pool Plaster, Decking, Equipment, Lights and More Upgrades

Houston Pool Remodeling has remodeled hundreds of pools around the Harris and Montgomery County areas. Because of our hassle-free service, it


pool leak repair

Pool Leak Repair Done The Right Way

A swimming pool can leak in many different areas. In order to figure out what needs to be repaired you must first have a leak detection service performed in most


pool pump repair

Fast and Affordable Pool Pump Repair

A swimming pool pump is the heart of your pool. And when your pump needs to be repaired the ever so important circulation of your pool system stops and could


fountain repair

Fast and Affordable Fountain and Waterfall Repair

We believe fountains are a beautiful thing. They bring peace and serenity to places that otherwise may be chaotic. But when something fails on a


pool acid wash



From Green To Clean in No Time!

When your pool gets away from you and turns to a frog pond sometimes the only way to get it back in shape is to completely drain and clean and refill your pool.


pool light repair

Affordable Pool and Spa Light Repair and Replacement

Without a pool or spa light your swimming pool not only looks unattractive at night but could also be a dangerous hazard. If you can't see what's


pool heater repair

Pool and Spa Heater Repair and Replacement

You don't realize how much you really need your pool heater until you don't have one. It can make a difference between freezing your buns off or relaxing


pool safety fencing

Peace of Mind with a Safety Pool Fence.

Any body of water is an appealing thing to a child. Something about it makes children try their hardest to be close to the potentially dangerous pool. And all


above ground pool repair

Affordable Above Ground Pool Repair

An Above Ground Pool is not so much different than am inground pool. They have all of the same features, a pump, filter, returns, skimmers, pool cleaners, lights and